Bonkers for Bivalves – Oyster Station (this branch is now closed)

Il Vino dei Poeti Prosecco

I really love Oyster Station, and although many oyster lovers know it well, there are many who are oblivious to it’s location. It’s a tiny little hole in the wall on Bridges Street, just past Oolaa. With about 8 bar seats and perhaps 10 to 12 table seats, the open kitchen takes up much of the establishment.

It’s become a staple favorite of a French girlfriend and myself for a quiet tête-à-tête over a light meal. The first time we ventured in was because Yardbird was full and we didn’t want to wait the 45 minutes for a table. Next door we had spotted this little gem – the restaurant was full, so Manager Jesse sat us on a small, rickety table for two on the roadside pavement. There we were, with a gold-coloured bottle of prosecco and a dozen oysters, feasting like queens – it was such an unlikely situation and yet so typical of Hong Kong, where every now and then you discover amazing food and incredible ambiance in the least likely of places.

Jesse’s selection of oysters for us, served with a classic cocktail sauce and also a cucumber sauce –  quite refreshing! Extra shallots for the red vinegar was available on request

The oysters are incredibly fresh and crisp, and the wide selection means there is something for everyone. DLP and I don’t like oysters that she described as too ‘milky’,  a better description than mine (‘too fat and slimey’). Jesse made a great selection for us – my personal favorites were the Shigoku (Japan), Virginica (USA) and of course, the Fine de Special (France). For those who like a bit of meat, the Ostra Regal and the Irish Gigas would be your perfect choices.

I like that they prepare the oysters for you so all it takes is one easy upward flick of the wrist and the oyster slides into the mouth. DLP likes to cut and eat the ligament herself so she was a little disappointed – if you do too, make sure you tell them when you are ordering.

Raw prawns with a homemade Thai spicy sauce, served with a side of crispy prawn heads

These are fantastically fresh, and the chili sauce is a tangy, spicy, flavorful accompaniment – just make sure you try a little first, because it has quite a kick to it! I also love the crunchy, salty prawn heads that they serve together with this dish.

Seafood congee – chocablock with clams, prawn and other tasty fruits of the sea

The seafood congee was quite comforting in the cold weather, and a real treat if you like it. They are very generous with the seafood and it is a nice dish that adds a bit of substance to the meal. To be honest, whilst the Seafood and Oyster selections are great, much of the Snacks section of the menu looks rather unappetizing. Upon sitting you are served what appears and tastes to be canned tomato soup and microwave garlic bread, together with raw vegetable batons and Kewpie mayonnaise.

In fact, everything about the restaurant, from the menu, to decor, to the utensils, says that the focus is really on the oysters and fresh seafood – and that can’t be a bad thing. Service comes with a big smile too! 🙂

The final bill for two with a bottle of Chablis was about $1,600.

Oyster Station (reservations recommended)

Photo courtesy of
Soho branch:
G/F, 31 Bridges Street
Tel: +852 2549 -0132


Kowloon branch:

G/F, Shop G-01
Sky Tower
38 Sung Wong Toi Road
To Kwa Wan, Kowloon
Tel: + 852 3514 3052

2 thoughts on “Bonkers for Bivalves – Oyster Station (this branch is now closed)

  1. Don't forget about the Namibia…its amazing 🙂 Did you take his card? If you have any specific oysters you want before you go you can even ask him to order them for you in advance, depending on the quantity is…This place is an absolute Gem but as you said, its definitely all about the OYSTERS, just the way I like it 🙂 xo

  2. I completely forgot about the Namibia last time! 😦 So then I went again this week and ordered them 🙂 Have you tried the fresh steamed crab yet? It's flown over from France, and there is SO MUCH gou, I couldn't even finish it! Good stuff @ $250ish

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