Gusto – me gusta! (this restaurant has closed)

We were wondering around Happy Valley one Sunday and had a couple of hours to kill for lunch. Not wanting to go to our regulars (Classified, Saint Germain, The Jockey, Jaspas), we googled, and this is what we found. We arrived and were the only customers there, so we were shown to the table by the window. I wondered if this meant that the forecast was gloomy for this restaurant (for me, a restaurant that is empty, or has pictures of its food plastered to the windows, is never a good sign), but we later realised that Gusto only opens at 12:00 noon, and we had walked through the door at 12:05pm.

A definite plus is the large selection of food, gossip, health, lifestyle & mens (GQ etc) magazines, as well as cookbooks, to read with your coffee while you wait for your food.

PB ordered The Huevos Rancheros – we would go back to the restaurant just for them. The piquant tomato and chorizo sauce was particularly lovely.

Huevos Rancheros $120

I ordered the Cobb Salad – purists might note that this is not an authentic Cobb because of the lack of blue cheese, and the addition of corn and a Ranch Dressing. In fact, this is exactly the way that a Cobb Salad should be in my mind, as blue cheese doesn’t belong in anywhere on my plate, and I usually ask for the blue cheese to be omitted. It did have soft boiled eggs, avocado, chicken and BACON. So you see, for me, this was my ideal Cobb.

Cobb Salad

It’s nothing to write to your Gran about, and don’t expect service with a smile (or maybe the girl was just having a bad day…), but check it out for something different. If I find myself wondering around Happy Valley again in the evening, I’ll definitely go to try the dinner menu.

G/F, #41 Yik Yam Street, Happy Valley
Tel: +852 2838 2689

Also available for delivery at

Sneak peak at the brunch menu:

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