Dragon King Restaurant

When faced with the task of booking a dim sum restaurant for a group yum cha session on the weekends, Dragon King is always one of the first choices on my list of places to call. Trouble is, it is more often than not fully booked. And so as a preface to this blog post, if you like the look and sound of Dragon King, go ahead and call to make a booking now. It’s Friday, and you just might be able to get a table for this weekend.

Food quality aside, there are several simple logistical reasons why Dragon King is one of my favorites.

1. It’s conveniently located in the World Trade Center, and if you’re driving there’s always space to park. While Causeway Bay traffic might be a bit of a pain, I feel it’s worth it.

2. They have a huge selection of dim sum choices that appeal to both local and foreign tastes.

3. Their menu is very concise, even listing the number of pieces in each serving. When ordering for a large group of people, it’s very helpful.

4. Whilst I’ve read in other blogs that service is dire here, I have always found service to be very friendly and efficient.

5. Try to book a table by the window. It’s got a great view of the harbour and the yachts moored out front, great for if you are entertaining out of town guests.

Deep-fried bean cubes with sesame $38 – this is the dish they do best! ♥♥♥♥♥

Pan-fried rice rolls in XO Sesame $43 – while they could do with adding more XO sauce, the flavours are there, and they’re generous with the bean sprouts.

Deep-fried spring roll with satay chicken $27 – a tad oily, but hey, it’s a spring roll! The satay chicken filling is something interesting and different from the norm.

Pan-fried buns with special sauce $38 – fluffy buns with a great tasting filling, I just wish there was more of it – see below.

A quick peek inside….

BBQ Pork Buns $27 – normal stuff

Shanghai style meat dumplings 小笼包 (Xiao Long Bao) $32 – these babies are huge, and the soup is well-flavoured. Trouble is they were placed too close together, so that they stuck together and 2 out of 3 burst before we could get them in our mouths.

Fresh Sabah shrimp dumplings 沙巴海虾饺 $38 – the shrimp is supposedly flown in fresh from Sabah, although I can’t really taste the difference.

Chinese water spinach – I order this everywhere I go, and while it’s not the best, they do a bang up job of it.

A quick peek at the menu…

$$$: $470 between 3 people (or $160/head)

Dragon King Restaurant
12/F, World Trade Center, 280 Gloucester Road
Tel: + 852 2895 228


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