LoveBites Lunches: Gyotaku


Are you looking for a nice alternative for a relatively light Japanese  set lunch other than Sushi Kuu in Central? If yes, then we are in the same boat. I LOVE Sushi Kuu, but I ALWAYS go there. So when I saw Gyotaku flash by on my Facebook news feed (I know, I know), I clicked.  I work from home mainly, and thus do not know the weekday lunch scene too well – for something like this, one must rely on recommendations!

‘Gyotaku’ is a Japanese traditional method of fish printing. The method was initially used by fisherman in order to record their catches, and is now also practiced as a form of art. As far as I remember, there is no tribute to ‘gyotaku’ in the restaurant apart from their logo, and  but we were too involved in ordering and then catching up. The food at Gyotaku is meant to be creative/fusion, my Facebook buddy DW told me that I just HAD TO try to the wagyu beef hand rolls, but wanting to watch the calories after the holidays, CM and I went for the set lunches instead.


Sweet Kabayaki Eel lunch set $140

This eel dish was really quite wonderful. Moist and full of flavour, nicely charred from the grill, it was a real winner.


Side salad

The set comes with the usual rice and miso soup, as well as a side salad, pickles and dessert. All were satisfactory!


Side sashimi (extra $30)

You can pay an extra $30 for a side of sashimi, which is definitely worth it of you’re craving some fresh, cold raw fish. Or you can also choose from the a la carte menu.


Grilled Miso Cod Fish Set $140

I order miso cod when I feel like being healthy, yet want a meal packed with flavour. Whilst the cod satisfied the flavour element, this has got to be the oiliest miso cod dish I have ever eaten. Usually, I like to eat the crispy skin too, but I avoided it because overall, the dish was already so fatty. It was a bit of a disappointment, and I’ll definitely choose something else next time – perhaps the eel!


White sesame pudding

Finally came the signature white sesame pudding, which was damn good! I only wish there was more of it, I could have at least had another portion … or three.



A sneak peak and the lunch menus …

You are spoiled for lunch choices at Gyotaku, so you can go again and again and not eat the same thing twice. It’s your luck of the draw on the daily lunch set – next time I’ll go on a Friday to try their Minced Salmon and Egg Rice – sounds delish!

I’m also super interested in trying it out for dinner one day to taste some of their a la carte dishes – there are several on my list that Gyotaku is known for, and the just sound too good (and too different) not to try! I wouldn’t even need to look at the menu!! On my list:

Hamachi White Truffle Hand Rolls
Wagyu Beef Hand Rolls
Wagyu Beef and Fois Gras Rice Bowl
Baked Cod Fish with Cheese
Tuna Quail Egg Sushi
Fois Gras Sushi with Blueberry Sauce


12/F, 11 Stanley Street

Tel: (+852) 3902 3813
(reservations recommended for lunch)


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