Gyotaku – dinner time!


Ever since DW told me about the wagyu and truffle hand rolls here and how amazing they were, I have been trying to find an opportunity to get my hands on one of those rolls!


Hamachi Tataki Salad (HK$100)

After a very satisfying set lunch at Gyotaku, which featured more of the traditional and predictable Japanese fare, I was excited to try their “creative sushi” items, as well as some of the signature dishes that I had read about in anticipation of the meal.

First off was the Hamachi Tataki Salad, featuring salad greens and seared hamachi with a sesame dressing. The sesame flavour were nice and the dressing not too heavy, the serving of hamachi was quite generous for the price. I still am totally smitten with the sashimi salad and the Japanese black pork shabu shabu salad at Sushi Kuu however, which remain the favorites.


Gyoza (HK$40)

 The gyoza were very sub-standard and not a good example of the creativity featured on their menu. They could have also done with more filling.


Spicy Tuna Maki HK$120

Now, these maki were AMAZING! After eating a VERY disappointing Spicy Tuna Maki at Taku the week before, this one is visually impressive, with a nice crunch from the cucumber, a spicy minced tuna filling, and a super yummy spicy sauce garnish. I’ll go back for that.


Baked Cod Fish with Cheese (HK$120)

This was certainly an interesting dish. The cheese sauce was on the sweeter side and had definitely been mixed with Japanese mayonnaise. The fish was tender and cooked well. The shiso leaf added vibrancy to the flavour.


Wagyu and Truffle Hand Roll @ HK$80 each


A closer look…

Being that this was one of the main reasons for our dinner here, I was actually not that wowed. Perhaps my expectations were too high – yes there was truffle (paste), and yes there was wagyu beef, but they didn’t taste particularly special. There was a time where wagyu beef was considered a bit more of a delicacy, but nowadays it is so generic on a menu that you can’t always depend on the quality and taste of it. This is one such time.


Wagyu Beef and Fois Gras Fried Rice HK$220

Finally, the star of the show! This dish smacks you in the face with yummyness – and you’ll want to turn the other cheek for more. Mixing the egg with the rice gives it a creamy consistency. The fois gras adds a wonderful richness, and the wagyu beef – it must be the same beef that they use in the hand roll, but it  contributes much more in flavour to the fried rice. I don’t even want to know how many calories are in this thing, but gosh darn it they’re worth it, every single thigh-huggin’ one!

And so it is confirmed, I have found a Japanese restaurant that I can go to as an alternative to Sushi Kuu! The restaurant is cozy, with 6 nice sushi counter seats (the 2 to the very left are right in front of the pickled eggs – not the best view!), several separate tables on the side of the restaurant which are good for groups of 2 or more, and a large communal table in the center of the restaurant that seats around 12 people comfortably. It’s not a huge place, so make sure you reserve the seats you want – it was packed for both lunch and dinner when I went. Service is efficient, even though they were a bit rushed off their feet.

Another small plus is the very well priced beer – $32 for a bottle of Sapporo is not bad at all for LFK prices!

The bill:

1 Hamachi Tataki Salad …………………. $100
1 Gyoza ………………………………………. $40
1 Baked Cod with Cheese ……………….. $120
1 Wagyu Beef/Fois Gras rice …………… $220
2 Wagyu Beef/White Truffle handroll .. $160
1 Spicy Tuna Maki ………………………… $120
1 Sapporo bottled beer …………………..  $32

TOTAL:         HK$ 871  (incl. 10% service charge)


12/FL, 11 Stanley Street
Central, Hong Kong

Tel: (+852) 3902 3813


5 thoughts on “Gyotaku – dinner time!

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  3. Jen, by DW are you referring to me? I told you to try the Hamachi Truffle Rolls!! Not Wagyu…I’ve never tried those ones before but now will know to avoid 😉 The hamachi + truffle isn’t on the menu, so next time ask the Chef to make them for you

  4. Aiya! I totally got your recommendation wrong! Oh well, I guess I’ll have to go back again 😉 Reading other blogs, I’ve noticed that they’ve taken a few things off the menu that I wanted to try…

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