Plaza Mayor, Hong Kong

The chefs at work

The chefs at work

After failing to secure a table at Ted’s Lookout, we decided to head over to Plaza Mayor around the corner for some tapas instead. I haven’t been to the Star Street area in a while, and it’s amazing how many new places have opened up in the last year. Named after a stunning central plaza in Madrid, it was a grand name to live up to. Sadly, it didn’t quite do so.

The original Plaza Mayor, Madrid

At Plaza Mayor, you can choose between small and large portions. We started off with a small portion of 50% Ibérico Ham (meaning that the pig that the ham came from had only one parent that was an Ibérico pig). The ham was tasty, although the bread was a bit stale.


50% Iberico de Campo (small portion) HK$150


Iberico Ham Croquettes HK$ 70

The croquettes were a waste of calories – very rarely do I refuse a croquette, but I had one bite and pushed it aside. They had a taste and texture of something taken out of the packet and stuck under a grill.


Huevos Chorizo HK$80

These Huevos Estrellados were an improvement on the meal, with crisp fried potatoes and a generous helping of chorizo. However, after trying the same dish at Solero in Discovery Bay, this paled in comparison.


Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes with spicy sauce) HK$60

Again, the patatas bravas were decent, and the spicy sauce had a nice warm flavour to it, but otherwise unmemorable.


Garlic Prawns (small) HK$70

The gambas were definitely the best part of the meal, plump and juicy with a crunch of crispy garlic.


Chorizo Tortilla HK$100

The tortilla was nice, the egg nicely cooked. As a staple to a tapas menu, it would be quite a disaster to screw this up.


Churros HK$ 70

The food is just as uninspiring to write about as it is to eat, and I find it highly improbable that this restaurant will stick around for long.

After just now looking over the receipt, the total came to $625 for us three ladies. Sure, we’re small eaters, but I thought that was a very well priced meal for Start Street. WAIT A SECOND – It’s quite funny the things that we would notice, if only we looked at the receipt more before paying! I’ve just realised that:

1.  they didn’t charge us for the $400 bottle of wine!! Oooooh, that waitress is in trouble.

2. I’ve also noticed that we were charged HK$25 for the bread basket- I had assumed it was complimentary, considering it landed on our table without any prompting.

3. Our waitress’ name was Creamy…hmmm

4. You can enjoy 10% off lunch on Monday to Saturday if you bring back your receipt!

Considering that they also sell quite a large selection of Spanish wines as well we some cheeses, their website is surprisingly bad. If I did want to purchase some of the Albarino that I saw on the shelves, I would have to go physically to the restaurant to review the choices again. I can’t see myself doing that any time soon.

Plaza Major

G/F 9-11 Moon Street
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Tel: (+852) 2866 6644


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