Sunday Brunch @ Domani – this restaurant is now closed :(

The first time I went to Domani, I was a bit worried because I’d not heard wonderful things about dinner here, that it is overpriced and it under-delivers. I never would have gone had we not been invited there for a birthday Weekend Brunch, but what a pleasant surprise!

It is now one of my favorite weekend brunches, for so many of the reasons that matter when considering a lazy weekend meal: the ingredients are simple, fresh, tasty and extravagant (unlimited Boston Lobster anyone?). It is very reasonably priced, at $488 +10%, you can help yourself to their excellent buffet before choosing from their list of tantalizing main courses, and then treat yourself to a little bit of dessert from the buffet. You are also offered free flow prosecco, Duval beer, fresh fruit juices, sparkling or still water, and coffee/tea. Usually, this is where restaurants with buffets such as these hit you with high prices, but here you can not only eat, but also drink everything to your hearts content. The service is excellent, as is the venue: a bright and airy dining room, crisp white linens, and a nice terrace if the weather is fine.


Fresh foccacia and warm bread rolls


And a nice ‘n tasty olive oil to dip it in


We eat silly amounts of meaty, juicy Boston Lobster!

The lobster is sweet and tender, and it’s almost a crime that we can help ourselves to as much of it as we want. On the days that I’ve been to Domani, it is busier on a Sunday (rather than a Saturday), meaning that the food is replenished frequently, and the lobster (as well as everything else) is always super fresh. That isn’t to say that it isn’t fresh on Saturdays, but it does sit out on the table for a little longer.

The semi-buffet features several choices of cold cuts and Italian cheeses. There is a cold cut dish, like a beef carpaccio with orange zest that is my absolute favourite, they also have some lovely salamis, salads and warm dishes. There is of course the lobster, as well as another hot dish that changes – the last time we went it was a wonderful quail on a bed of bulgar wheat – really tasty.

Really, I’m past the age when I go to a buffet and try to pile it as high as I can to get more than my money’s worth (I used to do that all the time – up until not long ago!!). That’s why I like Domani’s lobster semi-buffet so much – it’s not a HUGE buffet – it is one with select, good quality choices.


Sausage, zucchini and mushroom white pizza – LOVE

Whilst the pizza choices have stayed the same, the meat and fish dishes change. My favorite is the sausage and zucchini white pizza!


Margherita Pizza


Sea Bass (not on the present menu)




A selection from the dessert buffet

The quality of ingredients, range of choice on the buffet and the main course menu, value for money and freshness of the food, enjoyable atmosphere and venue, as well as wonderful service all make Domani one of my favorite weekend brunches! Go check it out – and let me know when you do , because I’ll most likely join you!

♥♥♥ Enjoy! ♥♥♥


Ferrari Prosecco


Tea, Coffee, and a little bit more dessert!


Address: Level 4, One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway
Tel: +852 2111 1197

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