Sen Ryo: Fresh Sashimi, Unbeatable Prices

What do I do if I’m craving some sashimi but I don’t want to pay through the teeth? Why, go to Sen Ryo of course!

There are a few places here in Hong Kong that serve sashimi at unbelievable prices. When I was in high school, we would catch the bus down to Causeway Bay and grab a seat next to the conveyor belt at Genki Sushi, Sen Ryo’s cheaper sister restaurant. Sushi One is Causeway Bay was also a favorite for a short period of time after it first opened, but when the sashimi quality started getting noticeably worse, it spelled the end of my custom there.

Thank goodness my sushi spending is no longer limited to a pocket-money budget, and Genki Sushi is a thing of the past. Whilst Sushi Shin and Sushi Kuu are my favorites, if I’m in the mood for a sashimi super feast, Sen Ryo is it – with it’s fresh seafood, consistent quality and crazily unbeatable prices. For fresh fish that is imported from Japan, you’re not going to get better than this – eat to your hearts content, until you are close to bursting, and you will still only pay around $150-$200 per person.

A loaded conveyor belt

A loaded conveyor belt

During the main dining hours, the sushi belt is loaded with colourful plates of different choices from the menu. If you’re short on time, then this is the way to go, but I prefer to order fresh from the menu. The menu is extensive, featuring sushi, sashimi, hand rolls, salads, grilled and cooked items and desserts. Check out their full menu and prices here on their website.

Sen Ryo unfortunately doesn’t take bookings, so if you are going for lunch, unless you show up at 12pm or even 11.45am to be sure, you will wait 45 minutes to an hour for your table, especially if you have a party larger than 4.

If you become a Sen-Ryo Member, you can join the online queue for your restaurant of choice via their app to save time. Simply ask for a points card at one of their outlets and spend $1200 within two months (very easily done).

Here are some of my favorites …


Seared Scallop  in Western Style HK$36 for two pieces

The scallops here are big, juicy and fresh. The ‘Western Style” sushi is seared, and topped with red onion and salad leaves.


Japanese Tomato Salad HK$36

These Japanese tomoatoes are sweet and tasty, with a nice salad dressing.


Seafood Sashimi Salad with Herb Dressing HK$85


Sen Ryo Homemade Fried Egg HK$12 for two pieces


Foie Gras sushi $36 per piece


Japanese Fried Agedashi Tofu HK$26


Salmon Sashimi (2 portions shown in the photo) – $36 for 4 pieces


Prawn Tempura Roll HK$36


Spicy Salmon Gunkan Maki – HK$16 for two pieces

These pictures were taken at the IFC branch of Sen Ryo:

Shop 3099-3100 Podium Level 3
IFC 2 Mall
8 Finance Street

Sunday-Thursday: 11:15am-10:30pm
Friday, Saturday & Public Holidays: 11:15am-11:00pm

Other locations and opening times

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