Wild Rose Detox, Day 1: What you can and can’t eat

Day 1 is over and I’m doing well so far! Below is a table I’ve made of the foods that I should be eating and shouldn’t be eating, and have stuck it by my work computer and on my fridge at home. I’m finding it fun and helpful to highlight all of the items that I’ve used as ingredients, so I can try to control the amount of each that I’m eating. I also section off my plate into a pie, so to speak, and only have Section 1 Foods covering a small slice of it.

If you know the ins and outs of this detox, and you’ve figured out whether or not this detox is for you, then here’s what you can and cannot eat:

The Detox recommends that you eat 80% alkaline and neutral foods in your diet (Sections 2&3), and limit your intake of acid forming foods to 20% (Section 1). Continue reading