Drink wine

When writing a blog, there is a little bit of hesitation when it comes to how much you reveal about your personal life. After all, a blog is essentially a diary with a theme, one can’t help but talking about their life, friends and family along the way. At the moment this is just the beginning, and of my 10 blog members :-), 9 of them are close friends. I woke up this morning to find a new member, someone who I don’t know (hi, Dang Minh!!), and that is quite exciting in the fact that I realise that perhaps I may be reaching out to a wider audience then just my lovely friends! But it also makes me think about how I’m going to mention them in this blog without outing them by name. After last weekend (which involved LOTS of alcohol), I had a lightbulb moment of inspiration and thought it would be fun to name my friends after drinks and cocktails. I seriously put a lot of thought into them! Then I thought that’s a little naff…. so I’m sticking to the boring initials until I think of a less-naff idea.

What an incredible weekend of excess it has been! It was spent with lots of different friends, in varying settings, doing all sorts of things – it was all spread evenly across the board. Really and truly a great 2 days. It has made me think of a poem that VC (I was going to a.k.a her as ‘Veuve Cliquot’…) mentioned to me, from an adaptation of poems by Omar Khayyam, called Persian Love:

“Drink wine, it’s what remains of the harvest of youth – the season of roses and wine and drunken friends. Be happy for a moment, that moment is your life.”