Homemade Vegetable Broth and Chicken Broth

Boxed chicken and vegetable broths are always more convenient to use, and a lot less bother than cooking up a brothy storm in your kitchen, but they contain those sneaky extra ingredients, and quite a bit of salt. This can be avoided if you make your own at home. I’m pretty lazy and only really get around to doing this if I’m doing a detox (usually the Wild Rose Herbal Detox), or if I have some extra time on my hands and am bored. I also find chopping quite therapeutic sometimes, and if you are in the mood to make both of these broths at the same time, there is quite a bit of therapy involved!

To save time, you can double or triple these recipe and freeze the broth in 1 cup bags for later use. Vegetable broths is handy when you’re cooking a soup, such as cauliflower and nutmeg soup, or a spiced carrot soup, and the chicken broth adds a nice flavour to cous cous, puy lentils or bulgur wheat. You can also use it in baked dishes like chicken vesuvio, or as a substitute for wine in baked fish recipes, like salmon en papillote.


Veggie broth, ready to boil!

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