Madame Sixty Ate

After discovering that Linguini Fini doesn’t take reservations, we decided to go to Madame Sixty Ate for dinner on a Tuesday night. I dined with 3 girlfriends, and a colleague of one from Bangkok who was in town for a few days. This lady looked amazing, has two children (the oldest 13!), runs marathons, and she doesn’t look a day over 32. I’ll eat whatever she’s eating, thank you very much!

The restaurant is nicely laid out with good space between tables so you don’t feel like other people are intruding on your conversations – great for a catch up dinner or an intimate date. The kitchen is open and you walk past the chefs busying away on the way to your table. I’d heard about this restaurant many times, and each time was a raving review – however, I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the tag phrase was that everyone mentioned. So when asked our very attentive waiter where the chef was from, he explained that he used to be culinary director at the W Hotel (Ah! That’s what it was!”). “You mean the guy with the crutches in the kitchen?”, one of us asks. Turns out that he was in a serious bike accident where┬áhis bike collided with a minibus (bleeping minibuses!!), and he’ll be in recovery for 6 months. Anxious to get back to it, he left the hospital after 5 days and went straight back to the restaurant, where he sits on a bar stool conducting the kitchen likes it’s an symphony orchestra. Now that’s what I call a dedication to food!