Shanghai Part 3: Sunday Brunch and Afternoon Tea!

Sunday 1:30pm – Madison Restaurant

Originally, I had wanted to go to M on the Bund for Sunday brunch. I used to LOVE M at the Fringe, and was devastated when it closed, citing renovation works for the Fringe Club. Have you seen any renovating going on since then?? Because I haven’t…!

Childish complaints aside, JL said that this was one of the top spots for brunch in Shanghai, so we changed tack and went there instead. Madison Restaurant is described by City Weekend Shanghai as an “casual yet upscale American eatery” – I had to look that up because brunch is usually not a good indication of the main direction of a restaurant. Eggs, toast, bacon, bloody mary – that’s what we were looking for after a night on the town in Shanghai. Having also just finished reading Kitchen Confidential, I know that brunch is the bane of a chef’s existence, and never really allows for too much creative flair.

Madison changes it up a little bit with some hits, and some misses.

Baby tomato compote over crispy mozzarella ¥36

The sweet shallot and balsamic glaze on this dish was quite nice, and the tomatoes surprisingly tasty, however the mozzarella was a bit too firm, and not as lusciously goo-ey as you might hope for.

Home made pork sausage, arugula, mustard. ¥35

This home made sausage was a big hit! Tender, flavourful, not too fatty. It don’t look too pretty, but you might still want to order two. Continue reading

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