LoveBites Lunches: Aberdeen Street Social

It is considerably harder to get a reservation for dinner than it is for lunch, so the lunch menu is a great way to enjoy Aberdeen Street Social. The third establishment in Hong Kong to be spearheaded by Jason Atherton in collaboration with the JIA Group after 22 Ships and Ham and Sherry, Aberdeen Street Social is a nod to Atherton’s flagship restaurant in London, Pollen Street Social, which opened in April 2011. My my, has he come a long way since then!  After three years and with multiple restaurants in London, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong, it’s a wonder this guy gets any sleep!

The lunch menu is very enjoyable, with a good range of choice in the starters and the main courses, for a reasonable HK$238 for two courses, and HK$ 288 for three courses. I say it is reasonable because the food is beautifully prepared, eaten in a sophisticated setting, and tastes fabulous. The menu changes every two weeks, so if it becomes one of your regular treat lunch spots (as it will with me), you shouldn’t worry about getting bored.

You can also choose from the à la carte menu as well, which is not dissimilar to his Pollen Street Social menu of ‘modern British cuisine’.  Both feature a yummy-sounding egg starter, scallops, a fowl such as quail or pigeon, a beef sharing dish and … crispy pig ears. His mains are a nice balance of fish and meat, but with no vegetarian options. Having said that, if you give them some notice I think the kitchen could whip you up something fabulous in a snap.

Amuse bouches of garlic, cheddar and rosemary flatbread, with fried chicken topped with a lovely (tomato?) jam

Amuse bouches of garlic, cheddar and rosemary flatbread, with fried chicken topped with a lovely (tomato?) jam

The amuse bouches were wonderfully moreish comfort foods, that fried chicken was served piping hot (be careful when you take that first bite!), and so very good. The flatbread is available on their bar menu if you want more, but alas not the chicken. They are in no way light and healthy things to eat, but just those small morsels of guilt-ridden pleasure are just enough to get your comfort food fix.

A nice and light starter with a sort of aubergine purée that was full of flavour.

Aubergine Caviar, Garden Vegetables

Aubergine Caviar, Garden Vegetables

Iberico Ham, Egg and Peas

Iberico Ham, Egg and Peas

They don’t give much away with the description of the dish, so my starter of soft-boiled, crumbed then fried egg, together with crispy pancetta and smashed peas was a wonderful surprise! It’s not on the a la carte menu, and am a bit sad that I might not have the opportunity to eat it again …

The sea bass was meaty and well cooked – a nice lighter option for the main course…

Sea Bass, Crushed Potatoes, Tomato, Cucumber, Caper Sauce

Sea Bass, Crushed Potatoes, Tomato, Cucumber, Caper Sauce

…which of course was not my dish, since I invariably choose the tastier (read: fattier) items on the menu! It’s a habit I will never shake.

I have never eaten lamb neck before – braised (which is I suppose one of the few ways you can eat lamb neck), with an incredibly rich sauce. They add a little bit of the local with tender choi sum, and a buttery potato purée. Simply irresistable.

Confit Lamb Neck, Potato Puree, Garlic and Parsley

Confit Lamb Neck, Potato Puree, Garlic and Parsley

The service is friendly and efficient, and they have some great uniforms – quite dapper! The only complaint that I would have about Aberdeen Street Social is that it is one of those restaurants where sound somehow accumulates, so it can get a little noisy in there.

Aberdeen Street Social

Address: G/F, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2866 0300


A sneak peak at the menu …

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